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Welcome to & we provide quick easy access to people, businesses and websites in 3 main industries. Fine Art, Entertainment Arts and Crafts. We are also content publishers for other related websites.

I founded what you see now in 1998 as a part time hobby whilst working as a web developer with who I’d like to thank for all their support in allowing me to pursue my goals & for the good advice.

My personal interests have always lay in Art & Craft and I’m currently a practising artist as well as a web developer.

Since the beginning I have worked tirelessly on growing and developing this network with the aid and support of family, friends, staff and many other people. To this day, over 12 years later the and the networks continue to be owned and managed by me.

My original aim with & was for it to go on and fund the ongoing development of a non profit ‘creative project’ that is community focused. I hope that this may oneday become a reality however as of 2010 I have begun seeking business investors/partners to assist in improvements and expansion.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to email myself and/or our editors via our email form.

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